Time to reclad your home?

Make sure you get an independently insured 10 year warranty.

If you own a home with high risk features or cladding it can be extremely difficult to sell. You’re competing with homes that have none of these features and there is a "leaky home" stigma that attaches to all such houses, whether they are leaky or not.

When you make the decision to reclad your home, whether or not it has any underlying weathertightness issues, it makes sense to protect your investment and maximise your resale value.

Having a WaterTight Warranty provides confidence to prospective buyers that the reclad and exterior renovation work was carried out properly and will stand the test of time. If issues arise in the future, the warranty is there to help.

What does a WaterTight Warranty cover?

  • Structural defects – guaranteed for ten years
  • Weathertightness of the building envelope – guaranteed for five years
  • Materials and workmanship - guaranteed for two years
  • Reclad and remediation work - guaranteed up to $500,000
  • Loss of deposit and extra costs to complete the building work (so if your builder goes broke, you’re covered)
  • The Warranty is transferable to another buyer, helping you sell your home faster and for more