What does the WaterTight Warranty cover?

  • Structural defects – guaranteed for ten years
  • Weathertightness of the building envelope – guaranteed for five years
  • Materials and workmanship - guaranteed for two years
  • Reclad and remediation work - guaranteed up to $500,000
  • Loss of deposit and extra costs to complete the building work (so if your builder goes broke, you’re covered)
  • The Warranty is transferable to another buyer, helping you sell your home faster and for more

What criteria do our approved builders have to meet?

To qualify a builder must:

  • Meet our criteria for business and construction management
  • Be a Licensed Building Practitioner
  • Have previous experience in undertaking reclad, remediation and exterior renovation work
  • Meet our financial solvency standards

How can a WaterTight Warranty help me resell my home?

Right now, selling homes with monolithic cladding and other high risk features is difficult, whether the house is actually leaking or not.  It means competing with newly built homes that have guarantees in place, and with other homes with low risk cladding.

Having a WaterTight Warranty will go a long way in providing confidence to potential purchasers of your home.  It reassures them that the reclad work was carried out by an accredited professional builder and they know that if anything were to go wrong in the future that the warranty is there to help.