Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the WaterTight Warranty unique?

  • The WaterTight Warranty is the first of its kind in New Zealand.
  • It's underwritten by CBL Insurance Limited, a licenced insurance company that is regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  CBL have over 40 years experience in New Zealand's construction sector and have more than a million buildings under warranty worldwide.
  • Only builders who meet our strict criteria for both financial and construction management can qualify to provide the WaterTight Warranty.

Can any builder do the repairs?

Builders who apply and qualify for the WaterTight Warranty Seal of Approval must meet stringent criteria, including adherence to rigorous and demanding best practices and standards.  They must renew their eligibility every year.

How can the WaterTight Warranty help a home's resale?

Right now, selling a home with high risk features such as monolithic cladding and flat roofs is very difficult. It means competing with newly built homes that have warranties in place, and other homes with low risk features.

The WaterTight Warranty goes a long way in providing confidence to potential purchasers of your home. It provides a selling point and reassures them that the construction work is independently guaranteed for 10 years.